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Causes of anemia.

Anemia is a condition in which the body has fewer red blood cells than normal. This causes less oxygen to be delivered to cells and tissues in various organs. Resulting in patients experiencing fatigue, fatigue, pale or yellow skin.  Inside red blood cells, the main

Know the personality of People Pleaser.

The People Pleaser personality may be caused by personal characteristics .Such as low self-worth and  fear of rejection or abandonment. and is a person who does not like to have problems health with anyone. Including being raised with neglect or Childhood violence,  mental illnesses such as depression, anxiety, and Dependent Personality

Causes of frequent thirst.

Frequent and unusual symptoms of thirst. Thirst usually does not improve after drinking water. It can be a sign of many types of disease or abnormal conditions, such as 1. Diabetes Diabetes is a condition that occurs when the body  does not produce enough of the hormone insulin .

Complications of diabetes.

Diabetes is a disease that results in patients having higher than normal blood sugar levels. If you don’t control your food intake and take care of your health properly, Allowing blood sugar levels to rise for a long time It affects the blood vessels that