6 danger signs The body reminds us to “rest.”

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Whether studying, working, these things can create stress. pressure for us Most of them will gradually accumulate tiredness. stress to our body and mind To the point where we will send out a signal, if we have these 6 signals, we should hurry and rest as soon as possible. 

Take a break if you have these 6 signals. 

6 danger signs The body reminds us to “rest.”

1. lack of concentration

The first symptom is that we tend to not concentrate. Restlessness, feeling anxious. This symptom usually arises from not getting enough rest. Anxiety about problematic work causing the quality of the output to be less 

2. Difficulty sleeping

It’s hard to fall asleep, waking up in the middle of the night, and no matter how hard I try to sleep, I can’t fall asleep. These symptoms, if in contact with each other for a long time It will affect both physical and mental health . Most often from stress. anxieties encountered

3. eating abnormally

eat more than usual eating less than usual It is a sign of stress that tells us that. We should take a break from activities that cause us stress. And what happens often is Often does not eat main meals But eat snacks and desserts instead, this is a sign that we should rest as well. 

4. no motivation

Discouraged, not wanting to get up and go to school don’t want to get up and go to work Despite the fact that I used to want to do a lot. or even don’t want to go out and meet people I don’t want to do what I like Most of this symptom comes from boredom. At the point where I’m very bored and don’t want to do anything. 

5. sick all the time

Feeling sick, headache, stomach ache, not feeling well all the time This symptom is stress, anxiety, not enough rest. May affect our immune system. makes it easier for us to get sick 

6. I don’t enjoy the things I like anymore.

From someone who likes movies, likes to go to cafes, has become disliked anymore. I don’t feel like doing it makes me happy. This may be a symptom of despair. or depression If you feel like this, you should rest or consult a doctor for further treatment. 

If these symptoms occur with The best way is to find time for yourself to relax, leave work, go out and have time for yourself. If it’s so much that you can’t resolve it yourself, it’s best to consult a doctor. ทางเข้า ufabet