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West Ham 3-2 Chelsea Analysis of 5 points.

West Ham 3-2 Chelsea: Analysis of 5 points after the Premier League London derby. 1. Thiago Silva was outstanding in the first half. Even starting with a rhythm that looks awkward Ball didn’t like him a bit early on. But with the right position at the right time

Origi Rangrit grades Liverpool players.

Origi Rangrit grades Liverpool players as they beat Wolves 1-0 in injury time – Player Ratings Liverpool player ratings Alisson Becker – 6/10didn’t face a difficult task but was focused on the game in Wolves Trent Alexander-Arnold’s counter- attack defense . 7/10Involved in continuous games, especially adding

Gerrard On the field, you are the enemy

Gerrard On the field, you are the enemy. Insists Aston Villa put it all to get “Grealish” back. Aston Villa manager Steven Gerrard has warned former Chelsea number one Jack Grealish that he might face a less glamorous reception on the pitch. After he decided to leave