5 effective ways to lose weight without dieting!

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correct weight loss principles Is to reduce the fat that is in the body. not muscle reduction and don’t stop eating but only have to choose to eat more food Most importantly, you should exercise along with it. Therefore it can help to lose weight faster. without even having to starve for a single meal

Choose to eat more, control starch, fat and sugar.

Eating behavior should be change. Choose to eat more, such as eating lean meat. Avoid the skin, refrain from eating salty, oily, fried foods and switch to eating foods that are cook by boiling or steaming instead. Including limiting the amount of food that is rich in starch, fat and sugar. Most importantly, you should eat three main meals with fruits and vegetables every day. and if drinking milk regularly should choose to drink natural flavored milk Low-fat formula or 0% fat. Avoid sweetened milk such as chocolate flavor, strawberry flavor, etc. โปรโมชั่น ufabet

eat rice equal to meat eat more vegetables than rice

Eating 2:1:1 in 1 meal (2 parts vegetables / 1 carbohydrate / 1 protein / 1 fruit) provides approximately 400 kcal of energy, reducing daily energy by 500 kcal. In 1 week, can lose half a kilogram of weight. In addition, eating like this will get the amount of vegetables in 1 meal, 100-200 grams, and if eating 3 meals along with fruit. Will receive a total amount of not less than 400 kilograms, which will reduce the risk of chronic non-communicable. Diseases However, physical activity should be include to help reduce belly faster.

exercise in tandem

You should exercise or move your body. At least 30 minutes a day by combining all 3 types of exercise together: cardio, resistance. and stretching Which for cardio will mainly focus on moving the body. As for resistance, it uses muscles in different parts of the body, such as the upper arms, thighs, shoulders, abdomen, chest, tense with weight. And your own gravity, such as bodyweight, weight training, etc. Finally, is stretching the muscles. To reduce injuries and make the body move better, sure enough.

Reduce eating buffet food.

current food buffet It has become a popular food among office workers, students, and by eating buffets, most of them tend to think of cost-effectiveness. And try to eat food in large quantities in order to be worth the price lost However. If the body receives more energy than it needs The body will bring that excess energy. to be stored in the form of fat as a reserve energy which if there is more accumulation of fat It will lead to obesity and lead to various diseases, so reduce some buffet food. It is like a very good aid in weight loss in another way.


Eat a full breakfast Eat dinner earlier (no later than 6:00 p.m.).

effective weight loss In addition to requiring discipline in the exercise. Eating is also very effective. In the past, we have heard that eat less, but give more often. Eating dinner earlier (no later than 6:00 p.m.) to have an 18-hour empty stomach is the key to truly effective weight loss.