Understanding people with bipolar disorder

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It’s been a while that Thai people have started to get to know the disease “Bipolar” or some people may call it ” Bipolar ” disease that when sad, they are extremely sad. But when he’s happy, he’s overjoyed. But even though the number of people with bipolar disorder is increasing in Thai society, it’s true. And but not everyone with these symptoms is referred to as bipolar disorder.

I just want to understand ” Bipolar”

Nowadays, if you have the opportunity to follow the news on television or newspapers. You’ve probably heard of bipolar disorder . Now it has become Society tends to think that If someone has some unusual characteristics I have to ask. “Is this bipolar!?!” which would not be fair to bipolar patients. then in fact What exactly is bipolar disease? โปรโมชั่น ufabet

* Of course, it’s not a bad mood just because it’s not what you want. Not a selfish or selfish person *

bipolar affective disorder Or in English, it’s called Bipolar Disorder. According to research, About 1% of people have bipolar disorder. Having an understanding of bipolar disorder may be helpful in preventing and caring for those around you who are at risk or suspected of having it. bipolar affective disorder As the name suggests, the general appearance is that there are two different types of changes in mood and behavior.

  1. Depressive episode lasting at least 2 weeks 
  2. It looks bustling and bustling. called Mania (Mania or Manic episode)

People with bipolar disorder experience periodic mood swings.

  • This period is a week. Not an hour or a day or two.
  • It may be depressive. This is followed by a period of time where a “normal” good, being his original person. Then the symptoms of mania may occur.
  • Bipolar disorder requires a mania phase (positive = mania and negative = depression), but may or may not have a depressive phase.
  • Some people show signs of depression first. Later, symptoms of mania are gradually shown. The diagnosis was therefore changed from depression to bipolar disorder.
  • Most of them will show more depressive symptoms first.

The main symptom is “a lot”, whether thinking, confidence, speaking “overwhelmed” (where it was not like this before), but often does not produce good results. because it comes from a turbulent brain

We may have seen friends or people around us. Suddenly, he worked diligently and tirelessly. Some people seem to have a lot of plans and ideas. When talking with him, he notices that he talks a lot, talks quickly, but looks scattered and disjointed. Change the subject so fast that you can’t keep up. Plenty of energy to work Planning a lot of projects Some people go down the car. Book multiple condos have to follow up to pay off the debt later Including looking very confident in himself think that they are highly capable

Some people may have a delusion that they are magicians. Has supernatural powers If it is quite close, it can be seen that there is an abnormal over-expenditure. If a frugal person will spend more. If someone is already spending money, it will be even more. Some donated a lot of money. Maybe bring money to give away to friends. If it’s a supervisor level, it may give money to subordinates. Take your subordinates to a big party every day. sleep more late (Not insomnia) but not sleepy, don’t want to sleep. Has the power of photosynthesis Mood can be unusually good. seem unreasonable or it may be moody, irritable, low impatience, impulsive Make it easy to have an affair with anyone. May even rampage and hurt people or things.