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7 great benefits of watermelon for weight loss – anti-cancer

A fruit known as a symbol of summer. besides coconut There should be a watermelon attached to the dart with him as well. Because watermelon is cold, sweet, juicy, whether eaten fresh Or put it in a blender, it’s delicious, cool, refreshing, quenching thirst, and cooling down really well. but

“Strawberry” can help you lose weight.

Strawberry is a fruit that can be easily bought both in Thailand and in Japan. In addition to being delicious and valuable to beauty. Japanese people also use Strawberry as a weight loss aid. Let’s know the benefits of strawberries for weight loss and how to eat them

Understanding people with bipolar disorder

It’s been a while that Thai people have started to get to know the disease “Bipolar” or some people may call it ” Bipolar ” disease that when sad, they are extremely sad. But when he’s happy, he’s overjoyed. But even though the number of people with bipolar disorder is increasing in Thai