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Causes of anemia.

Anemia is a condition in which the body has fewer red blood cells than normal. This causes less oxygen to be delivered to cells and tissues in various organs. Resulting in patients experiencing fatigue, fatigue, pale or yellow skin.  Inside red blood cells, the main

Know the personality of People Pleaser.

The People Pleaser personality may be caused by personal characteristics .Such as low self-worth and  fear of rejection or abandonment. and is a person who does not like to have problems health with anyone. Including being raised with neglect or Childhood violence,  mental illnesses such as depression, anxiety, and Dependent Personality

Causes of frequent thirst.

Frequent and unusual symptoms of thirst. Thirst usually does not improve after drinking water. It can be a sign of many types of disease or abnormal conditions, such as 1. Diabetes Diabetes is a condition that occurs when the body  does not produce enough of the hormone insulin .

Complications of diabetes.

Diabetes is a disease that results in patients having higher than normal blood sugar levels. If you don’t control your food intake and take care of your health properly, Allowing blood sugar levels to rise for a long time It affects the blood vessels that

Benefits of “chicken breast” that are not only helping to lose weight

Any young woman who wants to lose weight, exercise, gain muscle and be careful about eating One of the health food that we have heard of sometimes is inevitable “chicken breast” that many people think should have only high protein. but in fact Chicken breasts are much more useful. สมัคร ufabet

How to treat acne by yourself Step by Step!

Who said “acne” is difficult to treat? Today we will take you to see how to cure acne by yourself. and never come back again Saying that people with acne should not miss this event! If talking about popular skin problems that annoy many people,

10 Things to Do After Lip Filler Injections to help the lips recover

lip filler injection It is a way to restructure the lips to make them look beautiful and plump. Which will get satisfactory results immediately But it is effective only temporarily. (On average, it lasts about 5-6 months). That’s why lip filler injections are a very popular choice, especially among young

10 good benefits of “basil” to prevent heart disease

“Basil”, in addition to being a close relative of , it also helps to add flavor to food. and smell more appetizing and is beneficial to the body as well But don’t confuse it with holy actually has a different taste and smell than holy basil. And also has different health

Is it true or not? Oysters increase sexual desire?

I believe that many people must have heard about this for sure. Even teasing people who like to eat a lot of oysters, saying, “I wonder if I want to do it tonight,” even buying oysters for a new couple who just got marrie. But what about oysters? Can it

How to “cook rice” for good health?

Being a Thai person, you have to eat rice. But white rice can be a deterrent for people who are trying to lose weight. Let’s cook rice that makes good health better. Make good health better.  How to “cook rice” for good health?   Brown rice has a lower glycemic index