2 guru lifted the title to Manchester City

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2 guru lifted the title to Manchester City after Chelsea only lost to Manchester United.

Game analysts Jamie Carragher and Roy Keane have both agreed that this year’s Premier League title will go to Manchester City after Chelsea’s equalizer with Manchester City. Turf United went 1-1 on Sunday night, according to Sky Sports.

Pep Guardiola’s side beat West Ham United 2-1 before the Blues open home to a draw with the Red Devils, the kind that have to pursue equality from the penalty shootout. That gave them just one point away from City.

While other title contenders Liverpool thrashed Southampton 4-0 on Saturday, both Keane and Carragher believe Manchester City can return to the title. get it again as it did last season

“Last season, I scrapped City’s name and I still regret it until today. Because they can easily turn things around and win points and become champions. Chelsea and Liverpool are close in line, I think at the moment I would have City be champions,” Keane told Sky Sports.

Carragher backed the words of the former Red Devils captain, saying: “Liverpool tend to drop points easily this season but I agree with Roy, I give City too. Liverpool may keep clean. Sheets, but defensively looks loose, while City’s defensive look is very strong. Liverpool could score a lot of goals. But I think City will win the title anyway.”