Gerrard On the field, you are the enemy

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Gerrard On the field, you are the enemy. Insists Aston Villa put it all to get “Grealish” back.

Aston Villa manager Steven Gerrard has warned former Chelsea number one Jack Grealish that he might face a less glamorous reception on the pitch. After he decided to leave the team for a fee of 100 million pounds to join the Premier League club Manchester City.

Grealish, who was a youth player at the club before becoming the club’s captain and became the most expensive English player in the past summer And is due to visit Villa Park for the first time, however, he has missed out on the last three games. After experiencing a disturbing injury

“Personally, before the game I don’t see anything that will turn out bad. But when the game starts Competitors are our enemies. And we want to beat them. We want to make Manchester City face the most difficult task. And of course it meant him too. I hope he gets a good welcome before the game. with what he has always done with this club.”

“Villa fans I’ve seen him since he was a young player. Developing talent until Aston Villa is back in the Premier League again, it’s a great thing. And it’s a strong relationship between the fans and him, but in the same way. We need to show professionalism. And do whatever it takes to win this game.”