Manchester United invade the points Chelsea open home

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Manchester United invade the points Chelsea open home to draw with Manchester United 1-1 : Match Report

Manchester United’s draw with Chelsea reached Stamford Bridge 1-1, with the visitors leading from Jadon Sancho in the 50th minute before Jorginho’s shot. The penalty kick was equalized for the home team in the 69th minute. Divided by 1 point per team in the game of Week 13.

Starting the first half, it was Chelsea who clearly had more possession of the ball to attack. And find the rhythm to end before the ball slips into Odoi’s penalty area, but still shoots to save De Gea

In the 18th minute, Ziyech has a chance to spin from outside the box. But the ball still flew over the beam.

Two minutes later, Bruno tried to shoot from outside the box. but still can’t get out of the frame

In the 30th minute, Rudiger tried to look far and the ball hit the crossbar.

In the 35th minute, Odoi collects in front of the penalty area. Before dragging into the shot, but De Gea can still accept it.

In the 39th minute, Reece Jem has a shot from outside the box. The ball fell off the pole.

After that, still unable to finish anything, the first 45 minutes are still 0-0.

Starting the second half, only 5 minutes to go. Jorginho caught the ball wrong, causing Sancho to fall alone to lure the target. Man United led 0-1.

After getting a goal, the game looked more open in the 57th minute. Werner had a clear shot in the box but still slipped off the post.

In the 69th minute, Chelsea got a penalty when Thiago Silva was kicked down into the box and Jorginho’s kill went 1-1.

In the 78th minute, Werner fired a shot, but Wan-Bissaka still caught up with the block.

Minutes later, Ziyech dragged into the penalty area before shooting with the right, the ball going straight to De Gea.

In the 83rd minute, Loftus Cheek hit a corner. but the wrong angle crosses the beam

In the 87th minute, Fred dropped an orange in front of the penalty area. But instead shot into Mendy’s hands without a win

In injury time, Rudiger had a chance to volley in the penalty area. but instead fired over the beam

Made it to the end of 90 minutes. Can’t eat each other. Draw 0-0. Divided to 1 point per team this week.