Pep opens up about his first win over Gerrard as a manager.

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Pep opens up about his first win over Gerrard as a manager.

Pep Guardiola opened up about Manchester City ‘s first-ever clash with Steven Gerrard in the Blues’ 2-2 win over Aston Villa . -1 in the middle of the week

“Of course, the job of a football manager is the most challenging for us, especially those who have just stepped up into the toughest arenas like the new English Premier League,” Pep told Sky Sports.

“And personally I think it’s my greatest honor to meet Steven Gerrard as a manager. Because he is the man who is inscribed. A legend of the British football industry. Until success again with the team manager. even though it has only recently changed

“Just thinking about the great Gerrard has built while playing for Liverpool makes me excited and eager for new challenges because I don’t know what his strengths and weaknesses are. which can learn more during the competition.”

“After the game, it was found that although Man City. The Aston Villa side were showing extraordinary performances as well. In particular, the spirit that had been shown throughout the 90 minutes gave me goosebumps. The next duel will definitely be many times more difficult.” According to a report from ‘ufabet