Rio reveals three of the best goalkeepers in the world

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Rio reveals three of the best goalkeepers in the world right now

Manchester United legend Rio Ferdinand has confirm that the three best goalkeepers in the world. Are currently playing in the English Premier League. But Aliss is not named. Son Becker of Liverpool

“Assuming that if I were to choose the best goalkeeper in the world at the moment, I would say that I really couldn’t pick just one because no one really stood out above the others,” Rio said. UFABET

“So if you want an answer Finally, I would like to assure you that we have 3 of the best goalkeepers out there and they are all playing in the English Premier League. That is not at all biased towards my home country’s league.”

“And I believe a lot of people would think the same thing if they were to give it to Eduard Mendy from Chelsea, Ederson from Manchester City, David de Gea who are in hot form. With Manchester United they are the three best goalkeepers of the current era.”

“Especially Mendy is consider more special than anyone else. Because besides having just won the AFCON title with the Senegal national team. He has also shown his superiority to football fans over the past year.”