Scholes has named the superstar Chelsea

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Scholes has named the superstar that will help Chelsea win the league title this season.

Paul Scholes, legend, attacking midfielder, Red Devils It is interesting to analyze that the key player that will help Chelsea win the Premier League this season is Romelu Lukaku .

Obviously the two strongest teams in the English Premier League. This season are still Manchester City and Liverpool, in my eyes. The red-haired grim reaper told Premier League Productions.

“But Chelsea have to admit that they have Romelu Lukaku as a difference maker. Who could change the outcome in unexpect ways. Of course, I mean going up to win over Man City and Liverpool.”

“However To UFABET be successful it required Lukaku to continue playing in perfect fitness. Because if he plays almost every gam. Chelsea will be able to punch in more goals. From their opponents in crucial moments that the team currently rely too much on defensive players to finish.”

“To be honest, I never thought Chelsea would win the league. And now I don’t even believe that a miracle will happen. But with the approach of Thomas Tuchel’s team that has a way to incite the team to blaze. Guidelines for managing players, plus Lukaku entered as a striker. I have to admit that they really had a chance.