Spurs and Palace may postpone games amid coronavirus

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Spurs and Palace may postpone games amid coronavirus pandemic.

The Premier League game between Spurs and Crystal Palace on tonight is immediately uncertain after the Eagles’ camp tested positive for coronavirus, according to the Daily Mail. England

The epidemic situation of COVID-19 Omicron strain in england Still a crisis with more than 100,000 people infect per day and causing many clubs to have players infected all over the place. Result three games have already been postpone during Boxing Day. The game between Spurs – Crystal Palace is awaiting to see if the fourth game will have to be postpone for the same reason.

According to the report, Two Crystal Palace staff members have been infect. From the latest round of testing, while team boss Patrick Vieira admitted he was concerned about the situation. including coping in prevention Players in the squad at risk of contracting infection during the late game into 2022

“We hope everything is going well against Spurs. But seeing the number of infections. We are quite worried Because we have 2-3 cases of infection in our club. Of course we try to fix the problem as best as we can. I’m not afraid, my players won’t be fit enough to play in these ongoing matches. But I’m more afraid about infection because many players. Once they’ve been infect and recovered, many of them will have problems with their fitness,” Vieira said.

As of Boxing Day, up to 25 games from the four English professional leagues had to be cancel. While Spurs had to cancel this game again. They will play four games fewer than other teams, while Palace will add two.