West Ham 3-2 Chelsea Analysis of 5 points.

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West Ham 3-2 Chelsea: Analysis of 5 points after the Premier League London derby.

1. Thiago Silva was outstanding in the first half.

Even starting with a rhythm that looks awkward Ball didn’t like him a bit early on. But with the right position at the right time and a decisive header hitting the ground, Chelsea started with a 1-0 lead, followed by an extraction from the goal line moments later.

2. Minor Mistakes Cause Goals

Chelsea’s indecisiveness, both Jorginho and Eduard Mendy, led to West Ham’s 1-1 penalty kick in the first half, a mistake. not bad person Including an uninterrupted interception at the mouth of his own goal, leading to a 2-2 goal conceded

until the end of the game. Mendy’s negligence also made the hosts take advantage of the opportunity to break the goal 3-2 to kill the Blues in the end.

3. Ziyech-Mount’s Class Makes a Difference

Despite Chelsea’s defeat in the game, their 2-1 goal was truly outstanding as Hakim Ziyech’s footsteps were accurate to the point of assisting. Mason Mount volleyed from the first stroke to finish beautifully.

4. Lukaku still needs time to knock on rust.

Romelu Lukaku was sent off after half-time in place of Kai Havertz, who was injured and unable to continue playing. But referred to as unable to maintain the intensity of the Blue Lion’s offensive game, when often being hit by the Hammers’ defensive line, swarming the table, including the ball from teammates, it does not create opportunities for him to do well.